Office Management Platform
Cloud based
cloud based and fully scalable
Welcome to the future of smart office and coworking space technology
SpacePass provides solutions for space owners/operators, real estate brokers, web marketplaces, corporate travel agents as well as for enterprises.
SpacePass.Pro works in 20 cities around the world
Hundreds of smart workspaces trust SpacePass.Pro to manage their locations
Top 3 facts to choose SpacePass
Powerful ecosystem
SpacePass Pro is an integral part of SpacePass robust ecosystem consisting of Global Marketplace, Mobile Community App, Lead-Generation Tools, SpacePort integration Hub and SpacePass+ virtual membership.
Ultimate Community management tool
Your residents will be able to communicate with the professionals around them, meet and co-create with like-minded people, find clients, contractors, vendors, partners to bring their ideas to life.
Integrated Lead generation
We bring new clients to your space as an electronic broker. Requests from potential clients from around the world or around the corner simply come to the space manager in the SpacePass console.
We have researched several traditional space management systems and even tried to develop our own software, but it turned out to be complicated and expensive. One of our residents advised us to try SPACEPASS.

We use almost all of the system's features, plus we have placed SPACEPASS booking widgets at our website and they drastically improve conversion. No more calls to receptionists - all the bookings happen and get paid online.
Alex F
Start-up accelerator manager
Some of our Features
We work hard to build the best ecosystem on market tailored especialy for offices, smart and coworking spaces
MRM for Workspaces
Easy to use members relationship management tool.
Invoicing & Billing
All invoices, orders, accounting transactions under control.
Resource management
Keep an eye on each workspace, locker, computer, meeting room or private office seamlessly.
Price Plan & Discount Constructor/Wizard
Offer club cards, discounts and virtual membership plans to your residents/members.
Online payments
Easy to use and secure payment solutions to accept Visa, Mastercard and other payment methods
Reports & Analytics
Filter, sort, analyse and export your data. View utilisation, sales, receivables and many more on colourful charts.
...and more
Designed for office/coworking chains
You have 2 or more spaces. Great, SpacePass.Pro is what you need.
iOS & Android apps
Give your residents the convenience of interacting with your space and community.
Community management
Social and community tools for current and virtual residents: news feeds, interest groups, chats
Interactive dashboards
Organise and customise key indicators to proactively manage your space
Online meeting room booking
Give residents the flexibility to book and pay for their meeting rooms
Meeting room displays/tablets
Keep residents informed about the availability of meeting rooms and reduce unnecessary distraction
Website booking widgets
Easy to ingrate online booking of meeting rooms and workspaces
Online office booking
Extend real time booking to your private offices and team rooms
Wi-Fi integration tool
Manage Wi-Fi access points
Printer management
Keep paper costs under control
Door access management
Ready for integration with most popular door access services (for ex. SALTO)
Lead generation
Native integration with marketplaces and other lead generation platforms
Check-in & Check-out
Keep track of residents and guests visits
Extend and promote your services while addressing residents' needs
Data and reports export
Export reports and data sets to .csv, .xls
Powerful integrations
With the most popular software platforms (CRM, payment platforms, financial packages)
Co-branding friendly
Strengthen your brand by adding your logo and brand elements where it matters most
Strong Support
Live support trough our dedicated support channels.
Do I need to install SPACEPASS PRO on my computer?
No, SPACEPASS PRO is a cloud-based solution that allows you to manage your space from any place with the internet connection. We have a mobile website version, and there is also a mobile application for your space members and guests (iOS and Android are available)
Who benefits from using SPACEPASS PRO?
SPACEPASS has useful features for every roles in your team:
  • for top managers - advanced business analytics
  • for space managers - operational features such as meeting room occupancy management, order tracking and member relationship management
  • for sales managers - request processing features
  • for community managers - community management tools for interaction with space members
How long does it take to connect my coworking space to SPACEPASS?
Complete initial system setup usually takes no longer than 3 working days. Plus, our interactive system guides and introductory materials will help you start using SPACEPASS and edit coworking space settings.
Do I have to sign any physical documents to use SPACEPASS?
No, you don't. You need to review and accept our Terms of Service. You will be able to learn more about it during the free trial perid. Our space support team will answer any questions you should have - we're available 24/7 at
We operate several coworking spaces. Does your system suitable for us?
SPACEPASS PRO supports spaces of all sizes, some serving over 1000s members per month. We've developed tools allow to manage multiple locations. All your members can seamlessly move between all your spaces.
Why do I need to start the Trial period now?
You'll get a 30-days unlimited access to all PRO features: manage meeting rooms & resources, connect your members, track all the requests and online orders, sell the hot desks, membership plans and meeting room with free widgets suitable for any website. It's totally free - no credit card needed!
Get a free Trial
Easy to integrate
Integrate to 1000+ apps
via Zapier
Connect to SpacePass your current CRM, remote access control system, MailChimp account or something else. It's super easy through Zapier.

* You can also use our native REST API to get more flexibility
Lead generation for your Venues
We provide efficient tools for lead generation and are connected to several traffic generation channels. One of them is SpacePass global marketplace.
Give your customers freedom
Easy to integrate widgets for your site.
Start accepting payments from customers without altering your site - only 3 lines of code. Never been easier.

We provide 3 type of widgets:
- Meeting room booking
- Price Plans buying
- Office Rent inquiry form
Room booking display
Your residents will always be aware of the loading of meeting rooms and our room displays will help them in this.
Easy to integrate
REST API for Developers
You can access all core features of SpacePass via our REST API. The developer documentation is available for custom integrations.
Meet our amazing
Community App for Coworkers
Get the functionality previously available only for WeWork.

Our application gives your customers all the necessary info about venues, remaining resources in active packages, upcoming bookings and lets them to contact with space manager. Get more info
Message of the day
Learn about all the important news at your workspace from your space manager
Upcoming events
A short list of your bookings and events starting soon. Manage your bookings with a single tap
Register guests
You can order an access badge for your clients and partners right in the app
Space support
In case you need to report an issue or ask a question just contact your workspace customer support
Join your space community. See your colleague profiles, write direct messages, read news feed, follow groups, attend events
Office Guide
What's the Wi-Fi password? How to connect to the printer? Where is the nearest parking lot? Find all the useful information in this section
Coming soon
Pro price plan will be applied
once has been reached the limitations of the Starter price plan. We will notify you in advance.
Still have questions
Feel free to contact us. We really love to communicate with our partners.
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